• Llanfendigaid Estate: Luxury Flex-Catering Accommodation In Wales

  • Llanfendigaid Estate: Luxury Flex-Catering Accommodation In Wales

  • Llanfendigaid Estate: Luxury Flex-Catering Accommodation In Wales

  • Llanfendigaid Estate: Luxury Flex-Catering Accommodation In Wales

Doggy Policy

At Llanfendigaid we know that dogs need holidays just like their owners. We are unable to accept dogs (or any other pets) in Llanfendigaid, Dove Cottage or their gardens but we have developed Stable Cottage and The Cow Shed specifically to be able to take dogs. So if you have rented Stable Cottage and/or The Cow Shed you are welcome to bring your dog plus a friend (max 2 dogs per property) along for a small additional charge. We are particularly suitable for a doggy holiday as farm land adjoins your cottage and there are plenty of wonderful beach and mountain walks nearby, many straight from the door.

However we would ask that you would consider the following points so that our future doggy guests (and their owners!!) enjoy their holidays as much as we hope you do.

  • Canine companions often love to have their own blankets with them – and humans prefer beds, sofas and chairs free from dog hairs! Therefore it would be much appreciated if you asked your dog to spend his holiday downstairs (not in bedrooms, a stairgate is fitted in Stable Cottage) and to use his own blanket/bed for sleeping and resting.
  • Please do take your dog onto the farmland for ‘toilet purposes’ where there is no need for a poop scoop. We do not clear up after the sheep and so you do not need to worry about your dog!! If your dog ignores the sheep then the sheep will ignore your dog.
  • There is a poop scoop at the back of your cottage for use on your own enclosed garden. If your scoop has wandered off please tell us and we will find you another one.
  • If it is muddy you will find a short hose next to the workshop for washing paws. There will be a dog metal feeding/drinking bowl in your cottage.
  • Dogs get lonely too, so please do not leave your dog in the cottage for a long period of time if it is likely to become agitated and bark. It would be appreciated if dogs left in the cottages could be restricted to ground floor.
  • Guests staying in other cottages might not love your dog as much as you do so please keep him/her under control. Both Stable Cottage and The Cow Shed have enclosed gardens so you can let them out with confidence (unless they are high jump escape artists!).
  • Please note that you will be liable in the unlikely event of serious damage. This includes evidence of a dog having been in a bedroom.


What we provide for your dog

Whilst we think you will probably bring some things for your dog with you, we know that it can be hard to remember everything as we usually forget stuff too. So we do provide the following items in each of Stable Cottage and The Cow Shed:

  • Water and food bowls
  • Dog towels
  • Sofa throws
  • Dog poo bin
  • Dog poo bags
  • Dog treats
  • Lead
  • Collars with local address tag
  • Dog bed
  • Dog toy


If you find somebody has “liberated” any of these items, please let us know and we will replace it.


There is an excellent pet shop on the Tywyn High Street. It is called:
The Pet Shop (!), tel: 01654 711834.


We use Williams Vets on the Pendre Industrial Estate just before you get to Tywyn on the left hand side. Tel: 01654 710948 but you can also try Cambrian Veterinary Centre just off the Tywyn High Street. Tel: 01654 710416.

Other points to note

There are lots of wide open areas that are dog friendly. Other than the beach (always a favourite) the Morfa on the other side of the cycle bridge is a well-known haunt. But there are miles of paths and open hillside where you can take your dog – but please be sensitive to farm animals, not all of which are keen on dogs. In particular, don’t cross a field with cows and calves with your dog on a lead as they can be aggressive towards dogs and whilst your dog can probably outrun them, you can’t! Also remember that most sheep dogs are not pets and are not treated as pets by their farmer owners though they are not usually aggressive.

A number of the local activities are quite happy to have doggy visitors as lots of people who visit Wales bring dogs though few eating places in the UK permit dogs because of hygiene regulations. Some local pubs will allow them in the bar area.

We hope that you and your dog have a very enjoyable stay at Llanfendigaid.


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