Terms & Conditions

Llanfendigaid Caravan & Motorhome Club - Terms & Conditions

A £20 non-refundable booking fee is required to secure a reservation, the balance to be paid on day of arrival.

Pitches are available from 1 pm on day of arrival. Please inform us if you plan to arrive before 1 pm or after 8 pm. Pitches to be vacated by 11 am on day of departure.

Club membership cards must be shown on arrival.

Prices quoted are inclusive of electric hook-up, water tap, grey waste drainage and Loo.

Children should be supervised at all times and are not allowed to ride bikes or scooters on the park.

Dogs to be kept on short lead at all times and must not be allowed to foul any part of the park.

Awning must be taken down every two weeks for one day.

BBQ’s are permitted, but must be kept well clear of the grass please. We do not permit campfires.

Washing of caravans and cars on park is not permitted.

Please consider others – No noise between 11 pm & 7 am.

The proprietors will not be held responsible for any damage to client’s property or to any injury to persons whilst staying on the park.

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance or to terminate the visit of any person whose conduct is detrimental to Llanfendigaid or to other visitors.

You must occupy only the named pitches unless agreed otherwise with the CL owner.

Please familiarise yourself with the Caravan and Motorhome Club Rules as they apply to CLs:

Certificated Locations are for the exclusive use of Caravan and Motorhome Club members only, and can take a maximum of five caravans at any time for recreational and short-stay use. Please do not ask CL owners to: * Let you stay longer than 28 consecutive days * Keep your van unoccupied on the CL, even for a day or two, as ‘storage’ requires planning permission.

Arrival times: please liaise with the CL owner as to the arrival time. If delayed, please phone ahead as a matter of courtesy and to avoid the risk of losing your pitch.

Cancellations: always phone as soon as possible if you have to cancel, and remember, cancelled bookings or failure to honour a booking may result in a claim for full payment instead of just losing the deposit.

Additional visitors: additions to the basic group may attract incremental charges at the discretion of the CL owner. Once again, it is best to check beforehand.

Vacation of pitches: pitches are normally to be vacated by 12 noon, unless previously agreed with the CL owner.

Behaviour: as a guest, please respect the owner’s privacy and follow the Caravan and Country Codes (see the Handbook section). Check with your host if you wish to entertain visitors, and remember that the CL owner reserves the right to ask the member or their visitors to leave.

Children: please ensure they are supervised, especially on farms. If the children wish to look around, always ask the CL owner’s permission first. If children touch farm animals, please ensure that they wash their hands immediately. Similar precautions should be taken after contact with animal droppings (including cleaning clothes, shoes and other items) as a precaution against infection by E coli.

Dogs: please be a responsible dog owner. Always keep your dog on a lead and don’t forget to clear up after them. Remember too, that the owner may have working dogs, and care should be taken when approaching them.

Electric points: You should check the amperage supplied as it can be as low as 5 amp. As electricity costs have risen dramatically, please try to avoid unnecessary usage and trip-outs.

Farms: visitors to farm CLs should expect to encounter farm animals and you are advised to take care in approaching them, having first checked with the CL owner.

Generators: before using a generator first seek the CL owner’s permission and then consider others on site as well as any neighbours, please refrain from using them late at night or early morning.

Refuse: please ensure that you leave the pitch clean and tidy and that any rubbish has been placed in the nominated bins provided, or remove if non-domestic waste. As some CL owners are charged for refuse collection/recycling you may be requested not to dispense of some items of refuse on the CL.

Rules: CL site rules are decided by the owners and may differ from those applied on Club Sites. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure their family and visitors comply with all site rules remembering they will have been devised with their enjoyment and safety in mind.

Safety: CL owners have a general duty to take reasonable measures for the safety of their visitors. Members should nevertheless exercise care on CLs and have regard for potential hazards particularly if accompanied by children. Whilst Club CL Advisers visit CLs annually, their main purpose is to check that certificate conditions are being complied with. Obvious safety concerns will be drawn to the owner’s attention to rectify but The Club cannot accept responsibility for accidents occurring on CLs.

Spacing: members are advised to check with the CL owner where their outfit is to be positioned before unpacking. There should not be less than 6 meters (20 feet) spacing between facing walls of adjacent vans and 3 meters (10 feet) corner to corner if the pitches are staggered, in order to restrict the spread of fire.

Covid-19 Update – We are now closed due to COVID-19 until the current restrictions are relaxed. If you have already booked, we will write to you. If you would like to book from September 2020 onwards, please do so but please select payment by bank transfer, not credit card, and do not actually make any payment yet if your booking is for 2020 Book as normal for 2021. Thank you