History of Llanfendigaid

The story of Lanfendigaid Estate dates back to the 13th century

Llanfendigaid (which translates as “Parish of the Blessed”) is steeped in history. The Llanfendigaid Estate has been owned by the Nanney-Wynn family and their forebears since the earliest records began in AD 1241. Llanfendigaid main house was built in the 13th century, it was renovated to its present design in 1746.

It’s amazing to think that the Nanny-Wynn family lived here for more than eight centuries and still own it today. An estate map from 1780 shows that the original estate stretched along the Welsh coast from Harlech in the north to Aberystwyth in the south. However, since the collapse of many of the great British estates in the 1920s, Llanfendigaid Estate has gradually reduced in size to a much smaller patch in the Snowdonia National Park on one of the most attractive stretches of the Welsh coastline. 

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